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Double Hole Plastic - Turbine Driven Sprinkler Nozzles

Delivery date: 2-3 business days
Manufacturer: DuCaR Sprinklers
Suitable for :
DuCaR Green 70 - Green 100 - Jet 35 T - Jet 50 T
Sime Turbine Driven Sprinklers
US $11.00
Suitable for :
DuCaR Green 70 - Green 100 - Jet 35 T - Jet 50 T
Sime Turbine Driven Sprinklers
Suitable for :
DuCaR Green 70 - Green 100 - Jet 35 T - Jet 50 T
Sime Turbine Driven Sprinklers
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DuCaR Sprinklers

Established in 1981 and headquartered in Turkey, is one of the leader irrigation sprinkler manufacturing companies in the world. It offers products and services ranging from gear driven, impact irrigation sprinklers, connection stands, pumps, and complete irrigation system design. Since agricultural and industrial irrigation needs vary for different environmental effects, producing only couple of different types of sprinklers does not meet the all requirments in different regions and countries. Hence why DuCaR Sprinklers offers custom designed sprinkler systems to meet all farmers' requirements around the world.

Its fully automated latest technology manufactirng system, CNC machines and CAD & CAM software systems enable them to produce accurate and defect free products.

DuCaR Sprinklers works with farmers and scientists around the world to improve irrigation systems' quality to promote sustainable agriculture with best prices.


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